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Mt. Zion Baptist Church
Ministry Descriptions 
Children's Ministry
Children's Ministry includes: Children's Church - 4th Sunday; "Children's Moments" each Sunday during worship; Sunday Church School; ushering; choir; children's group, fall festival; Vacation Bible School and mission projects.
Banner Ministry
This ministry designs and makes banners for the church year observance of Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Pentecost and other church events. They made banners of the Apostles' Shields displayed on the Emmaus Walk Hallway (lower level).
Biblical Storytelling Team
The Biblical Storytelling Team tells Biblical stories from the heart. Their telling have included the Book of Ruth; the birth of Christ and the Resurrection story. Members of the team included children, youth and adults. The team coordinator is certified by the national Network of Biblical Storytellers, Inc.
College Connection
Our church, through the R. T. Andrews Scholarship Commission, Inc., offers several book awards and a $5,000 scholarship annually to graduating high school seniors. The church keeps in contact with students by sending emails, cards and care packages.
Crisis Ministry

Desivned for those who have a passion for meeting the physical and spiritual needs of members of the community and Church through service and giving.  Unit Leader: Sis. Vickie Massey 

Provide food for families in need.

Provide clothing for families in need.

In the future, hope to be able to assist families with utility assistance. 

Diaconate Ministry
The Diaconate Board is comprised of men and women who have been ordained by the church to assist the Pastor with oversight, care and development of the whole church as we endeavor to glorify God and edify others.
Discipleship Ministry
A discipleship course is offered for all new members and members who wish to gain a better understanding of the Christian beliefs and the doctrines and traditions of the Baptist church.
Food Pantry and Soup Kitchen
The Food Pantry is open on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Wednesday of the month. Food is available for persons in the church community who need assistance. On the 4th Wednesday, the Sharing God's Good Food Soup Kitchen is open to participants.
Harambee is a study series that "brings together" families for a time of reflection and study. There are classes for children, youth, and adults. There are sessions in the spring and summer.
Mission Department

The Mission Depatment is comprised of the following Units and their programs: Ruby Langford Unit, Business and Professional Unit, Mission Council, Crisis Ministry Unit and Men's Ministry. The Department leads in contributions and services that support global, national and local mission endeavors. The focus for this year is on poverty and homelessness.

Music, Worship and Creative Arts
Music Ministry, worship and creative arts are under the direction of Minister of Music, Geoffrey Kelsaw.
The R. T. Andrews Scholarship Commission, Inc.

Named in honor of the Reverend Richard Taylor Andrews, Sr. who served as pastor from 1939 until his death in 1984, the Commission awards an annual scholarship to a graduating high school senior. The Commission also provides book awards and funds for educational travel.

Sheepfold Ministry
This congregational care ministry is overseen by the Diaconate. The four sheepfolds are names for the four evangelists. Diaconate Leaders are assigned to members according to lasts names. Sheepfold of Matthew (A-C); Sheepfold of Mark (D-L); Sheepfold of Luke (M-R); Sheepfold of  John (S-Z).
Stewardship Ministry
Promoting the spirit and culture of generosity through gifts of time, talents, finances, and use of spiritual gifts that support the vision and mission of the Church as we strive to do better together.
Sunday Church School
Sunday Church School meets each Sunday (8:45 - 9:45 AM). There are classes for children, youth  and adults. Lessons are on the International Sunday School curriculum. The literature used  is published by Urban Ministries, Inc.
The monthly newsletter is distributed on the first Sunday of each month. The paper includes articles and information on spiritual growth, health care, Christian Education, and upcoming church events. It also includes condolences, birthdays and special-day observances of the membership.
Trustee Ministry
Trustees… care for church property and finances to support and enhance the vision and mission of the church.
Ushers/Hospitality Ministry
The ushers include Senior Ushers (Adults) and Junior Ushers (Children and Youth). The ushers assist in seating persons and collecting the offerings at the 10:00 AM worship service and special programs.  The Hospitality Ministry assists in welcoming visitors and members to the services. This ministry ensures that visitor cards are completed and give verbal welcome to first-time visitors
Vacation Bible School
Vacation Bible School is conducted during June with classes for children and youth. Adults participate in Harambee (educational forums) during Vacation Bible School.
Wellness Service
The Wellness Service is located in the Renaissance Center of Hope and Learning. Services provided include free health screening and check-ups for high blood pressure, diabetics, and other health issues. The ministry also sponsors an annual health fair.
Youth Ministry
Youth Ministry provides opportunities for children and youth to participate in Sunday Church School, youth meetings, mission projects, outreach and various other educational and fun activities.

The Proclamation of the Word

Dr. Philip K. James 

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This Week at Mount Zion

2022 Church Theme:


“More Jesus in you in 2022!!”

Spiritually: Being Christlike

Wisdom: Studying the Word of God

Family: Maintaining Family Devotion Time

Benevolence: Giving of Time, Talent and Resources

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Our Vision:

To become a nurturing community of believers; where persons and families feel love; participate in worship; develope their God-given gifts in ministry and committed discipleship, in order to meet the spiritual, physical and social needs of the congregation and community, to the glory of God. 

Because He lives, we can face tomorrow!  May God Bless your week in a Supernatural Way! 

May Jesus be the Center of your Joy!

You are in our prayers. 

Save the date: Community Outreach: Mt. Zion Hits the Streets

Saturday, April 8th at 11 am. We will expand and share the good news of Jesus Christ with the local

community1  We need individuals who will assist us with prepping the items we will be giving away.

If you can put on labels or make some phone calls, let Sis. Pam Baird know!  Each one, Reach one, lead a

soul to Christ! Serving the needs of others, being the hands and feet of Christ.

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